Dress Code biases

We are Girl Scout Troop 224 and we are earning our Silver Award by reporting on dress code biases.

We want our school board to understand why its dress code is unfair and we want them to change it.

This website reviews our research on dress code issues in Alachua county as well as general concerns regarding dress code policy.

We analyzed the Alachua County dress code and noticed some biases.

Frequency of dress code violations increased with increasing student weight.

News flash: Shorts are supposed to be short.

Most students who are dress coded are left feeling uncomfortable around their peers.

Why missing out on class time and school activities shouldn't be included in dresscode violation punishments.

The students at the Alachua County schools do not feel as though the dress code is fair and just, here's why

Learn more about our survey and tell us about your dress code experiences.

Learn more about PK Yonge's dresscode policy in comparison to Alachua County's dresscode policy.

Learn more about dress code issues at other schools and how students are taking action across the U.S.

Uniting our voices, we can make a difference.
Join our cause by signing our petition.

Student Experiences