We ask the Alachua County School Board to take the following steps to address dress code biases:

  1. Create a committee or task force to study dress code issues in Alachua County, and dress code-related issues across the U.S. Include student representatives on the committee.

  2. Ensure that the dress code is equitable and does not discriminate against students based on gender, race, ethnicity, weight, or other personal characteristics.

  3. Continually collect and analyze data on demographics and other characteristics of students who are dress coded to ensure the dress code is equitable and free of biases.

  4. Revise dress coding practices so that students are dress coded in private spaces.

  5. Revise the dress code itself. The school board must continually assess whether the dress code is reasonable based on enforcement and other issues.

  6. Increase the number of times a student must be dress coded before they are banned from class or a school activity and receive a referral. Also, consider alternate reprimands that do not take students away from class or remain on a student’s permanent record.