Missing Out on Class and school activities

Out of 93 students with dress code violations, 29 of them (31%) missed out on SCHOOL activities and class time because of the violation

Students should not miss educational time because they are dress coded. Class time is necessary for maintaining good grades and increasing students' overall knowledge. It should not be taken away because of a breach in an unfair code. School activities are also important to maintain students' excitement about attending school and doing well. Some students rely on school for a meal and a safe environment.

That girls are dress coded more than boys means that girls especially are missing out on education. Women and girls have fought hard throughout history to be able to receive an education equal to that of boys, but our survey findings suggest that girls are still being excluded from the same educational opportunities as boys.

Attending class is important for these reasons as well:

  • Making connections between homework, lectures, and class discussion;

  • Making connections with teachers and classmates and learning from their experiences;

  • Gaining knowledge outside of the assigned materials;

  • Taking notes and learning what may be on tests;

  • Ask questions about assignments.

"There is evidence suggesting that missing school negatively relates to academic achievement." -Michael A. Gottfried, RAND Corporation
Read more about Gottfried's research on the detrimental effects of missing school here.