is our School dress code sexist?

A bias favors one group over another.

our findings

Our survey showed that of the 126 female respondents, 89, or 71%, had been dress coded in the last year. Of the 24 males, only 4, or 17%, had been dress coded.

This data tells us that girls are four times more likely to be dress coded than boys!

Therefore, the Alachua County School Dress Code is biased against girls.

As one blogger put it: "When we tell twelve-year-old boys that getting distracted by girls’ clothes is an acceptable excuse for doing poorly in school or harassing students, we are laying the groundwork for telling men that it isn’t their fault if they sexually assault a woman depending on how she’s dressed. It perpetuates the “boys will be boys” argument that allows boys and men to get away with violence." Source

Alachua County dRESS cODE

Our troop analyzed the Alachua County School Board Dress Code. Requirements that applied to both boys and girls were coded in green, rules for only girls in pink, and rules for only boys in blue.

According to our analysis, most of the dress code applies to both boys and girls; however, three of the requirements apply to girls only whereas none apply to boys only.