The most Common dress code violations

Short Shorts

Our survey showed that short shorts are the most common dress code violation (which also happens to be a dress code rule that only applies to girls). 52.5% of surveyed kids were dress coded for short shorts at least once.


If you're a girl, you know that it is very hard to shop for shorts that are both fashionable and in dress code. Just searching for "jean shorts" on Google will give you a whole list of pictures of short shorts, often with rips. In today's stores, it is very difficult to find clothing that will keep you out of trouble. Families don't have endless amounts of time to shop for clothes. Nor do parents want to buy clothes that they know their kids will never wear outside of school because it is unfashionable. Vice versa, they do not want to buy clothes that will not be worn to school. The dress code policy is unreasonable and unrealistic.

Spaghetti Straps

The second most common dress code violation is spaghetti straps. This dress code rule is totally unreasonable and that is why it is one of the most common violations, especially in Alachua, Florida, where it gets very hot and many schools do not have adequate air conditioning.

The foundation for this violation is that kids will be "distracted" by the shoulders of other students, which makes no sense. We find this dress code rule to be strange and useless. There is no evidence to suggest that students have experienced academic setbacks by looking at bare shoulders. Imagine a student doing poorly in school because a classmate wore a tank top!